Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you like to shoot?

VIRGINIA - Hampton Roads, Tidewater or Surrounding Areas. I'm an on-location photographer. I love shooting in locations that have a variety of backgrounds to choose from. Anything with texture! Open fields, beaches, trees, and old buildings. When you book your session you can specify your preference or I'll be happy to suggest some great options.

Can I extend the session if we need more time?

Yes, absolutely! It's $80 per extra 15mns.

What kind of gear do you use?

I'm a lover of all things NIKON and SIGMA ART lenses!

Do I have to order prints through you?

No, but I highly recommend it. Vickie Carper Photography & Creative Design is not liable for print quality, cropping or coloring of any photos not printed directly through my professional lab. Photo quality is ONLY guaranteed through photos purchased directly through me and my lab.

Do you do cake smashes?

YES! I love them. However, you will have to provide your own cake.

Do you photograph events, such as a retirement party or Grandma's 90th birthday party?

No, other than weddings I do not photograph events.

Can you come to the hospital to take photos after my baby is born?

Yes, as long as my schedule would allow it.

How far do you travel?

It depends! I do several sessions in the OBX every summer. I travel to Williamsburg and Richmond areas. Travel fees vary depending on location.

Do you have any recommendations for 'what to wear'?

To make a great image clothing is very important. Wearing layers as much as possible adds texture and interest.

For family sessions the key is to coordinate but not look like clones. You can’t go wrong when you pick no more than three colors and stick to them throughout the entire family. Don’t look “matchy-matchy” meaning, everyone in the family should NOT wear the same color blue shirt and tan pants. If those are the colors you like, then mix it up by varying the shade of blue. Some members can wear blue for their pants while others wear it as the shirt or vest.

Add a third color for that extra pop throughout, like a maroon scarf, vest, hat or boots. It really pulls the whole look together.

Remember to accessorize! Red high heels, jewelry, jackets, scarves, hats, etc. Adding these simple items to your wardrobe will make your photographs pop.

Avoid clothing with large logos, tv characters, etc. as it will only distract from the beauty of the subject.

What does your Print Release include?

If you have your images printed through another lab they will need my print release. It will grant you permission for personal reproduction of your photos. Copyright is retained and not released by this agreement.
• Prints for personal use of any size and quantity.
• Specialty items for personal use of any size and quantity.
• Displaying images in personal residence or other non-commercial venue.
• Displaying images on social networking sites must have a photo credit.
• Displaying images on social networking sites without a photo credit.
• Displaying images on social networking sites that have been altered in any way.
• Entrance into any contest or other venue which may result in financial gain (monetary or otherwise)
• Sale of prints or other materials.
• Display of images in any business (retail or otherwise) or commercial venue.

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